Brochette de Poulet (Chicken in Skewers) (via Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for “It’s Delicious”))

Hello foodies and should-be-foodies; this Brochette de Poulet recipe reblog is critical in terms of enhancing your fine dining experience. I have had the blessed opportunity to feast on this dish while I was visiting family in the Philippines and please believe, it was glorious.

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. ~Voltaire

– Anthony

Brochette de Poulet (Chicken in Skewers) Brochette is a French term for mixed meats and vegetables skewered then grilled. Not to be confused with satay and yakitori which is also grilled but no vegetables are added, on the other hand kebabs are not always grilled.  Brochette is also the term for the equipment used to skewer the meats, the metal counterpart for the bamboo sticks us … Read More

via Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for “It’s Delicious”)


Cassava cake on Thursday, I want to visit Tortola, and food art with “the f word.”

Cassava cake, a Filipino dessert.

Tomorrow, I’ll be spending quality time with my aunt and niece beginning at 8:30am sharp.

This means I’ll have plenty of time to convince my aunt to cook one of my favorite desserts, cassava cake, while I film, photograph, and document the entire process for your viewing pleasure and envy! 🙂

Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I’ve been receiving these e-letters from Jetsetter, an exclusive site that offers great deals to exotic locales and resorts for its private members. If only I had the ka-ching to visit one of these spots, especially Tortola! (See below)

Image courtesy of Jetsetter.

A Three-Bedroom Villa in the BVI

Frenchmans Paradise – Tortola

[from Jetsetter:

Lounging at the infinity pool of Frenchmans Paradise, a hillside aerie in Tortola, you’d swear you can see all of the Virgin Islands, tossed like dice into the sparkling waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Indeed, this three-bedroom villa was designed to maximize Caribbean views (even from the master bathroom’s sensuous indoor-outdoor shower). There literally isn’t a bad seat in the house, especially when the setting sun triggers a laser show across the calm, lapping water.]

If you’re already a member of Jetsetter’s online community, don’t forget to bag one of these trips beginning Monday, 1/17, at 3pm Eastern Time. Tortola is located in the British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean. For that reason, I’m going to be partial to this island of luxury.


A piece from Angela Marklew’s “the f word” collection.

Angela Marklew is a wondrously skilled photographer…need I say more?

My cousin is training to become a chef!

Gourmet sweets by Janice.

Just wanted to give a shout-out to my cousin, Ja (Janice Doncillo) for taking up pastry and baking college courses. I’m especially impressed with Ja since she already owns a 4-year registered nursing degree.

I commend you, Ja, on your ambitious endeavors. Now it’s most imperative, with your newly attained skills, to visit Seattle and deliver a feast for your cousin.

Or better yet, let’s open a shop here and I’ll run your online marketing campaign. 🙂

Keep checking back, everybody. I’ll post more pictures of Ja’s delectable sweet treats.

Also, if you’re in the Philippines and you want to contact Janice directly about her baked goods, send me an email to either of the two addresses:

And I’ll let her know. Cheers!


While I’m stuck here in the great rainy state of Washington, I’ll send out a request for foodie photographs related to Caribbean and Filipino culture. Recipe favorites are welcome too.

There aren’t any stringent rules for submissions so fire away.

Email me at: I’ll try to include everyone. 🙂

Making Atis.

Breakfast in October

Breakfast in October.

This tasted great.

There’s always plenty of fruit and fried eggs in the morning. I like the “steak-striped” toast and extra crispy bacon, cucumber sandwiches.

Watermelon everyday. Can’t beat that.

Spent most of the day trying to upload videos and pictures. I’m still far behind. Hope to catch up today. Oh yeah…

…this looked fun.

The Goods.

Goodies from the Grenadines


A delightful assortment of goodies.

From one island to another. Filipino baked goodies in the Grenadines. If you’re nearby or simply want to inquire about the products here at the bakery, feel free to contact the owners, Randy and Jhoanape Kennedy through the following methods.

Phone: 1-784-457-2377


Fax: 1-784-457-9566

You can also contact Randy’s Super Market as well. I’ll have the addresses posted soon. Just remember, both locations are on the main island in Kingstown.

Phone: 1-784-456-2994


Fax: 1-784-457-9566

Happy Hunting!

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Vincentian Independence.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

Photograph courtesy of Searchlight Newspaper.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines! The Vincentian Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, spoke to the nation via television at Victoria Park promising $200 [EC] allowances for every student and millions set aside to promote nursing, education, and other incentives.

But before I make this post purely about politics, I’ll promise you this – a recipe (or two) is in order.

Funstuff, eh? Expect one in the next few days.

Pecan Tarts and Coconut Macaroon Cupcakes…and Pizza.

Pile on the pecan tarts.

Pile on the pecan tarts.

Freaking delicious! Today, which was actually the 21st, Ate Jhoanape (Ate means “older sister” in Tagalog, the predominant dialect in the Philippines; it is usually said with respect to one’s age) concocted some scrumptious sweets: pecan tarts and coconut macaroon cupcakes.

Spent hours at the bakery switching from bread to cakes and eventually pizza! This explains my reason for posting so late.

I managed to pull together my own brand of pizza with sprinkles of 4 different cheeses, traditional tomato sauce, pepperoni, ham, bell pepper and chunks of young green habanero peppers.

Ate Jhoanape, of course, had her own version which wasn’t as spicy and a little bit more circular than mine.