About Jho and Randy’s Bakery

Ate Jho at the bakery.

My cousin, Jhoanape Kennedy, and her husband, Randy Kennedy, run a great business and the neighborhood smells absolutely delicious once their ovens are running.

M.Y.E., M. (Mine) Y. (Yours) E. (Everyone’s) Bakery, was established nearly 10 years ago. It’s family-owned which means each bag of bread, package of cupcakes, or sack of sweets is made with loving care and consideration.

Believe me, I was there! 😉

– Anthony

Here’s the address and contact information for my cousin’s island bakery:


M. (Mine) Y. (Yours) E. (Everyone’s) Bakery

Phone: 1-784-457-2377

Email: vincentbakery@gmail.com

Fax: 1-784-457-9566

Address: Hospital Road

Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Below are some pictures that link back to previous posts about Ate (older sister in Tagalog, spoken and used used for respect) Jhoanape’s culinary creations and baked goods.

Munching on ensaymada for breakfast.

Cupcakes before going into the oven.


Mini-cinnamon rolls.

Loaf love.

Atis (Sweetsop or Sugar Apple).

Assortment of goodies.


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