Food Photo of the Day: Kale Namul.


Kale namul. Photo courtesy of Apricosa.

This photo and blog post was provided by Food Buzz friend, Apricosa. Please visit her blog for more.


C.K.’s lunch at El Gaucho.

Salmon fettuccine at El Gaucho. Courtesy of C.K.

There will be more pix coming up from C.K.’s lunch with family and friends at one of Seattle’s renown steakhouses: El Gaucho. He said this dish was truly divine. It totally looks delicious.

Postcard snapshots.

A view from my cousin's balcony.


How do I feast without you? I want to know. Just a few pix of recent meets and eats. Not sure if I’ll be going to the Caribbean this upcoming August now. My situation has changed and I’m eager to save some money before heading out on any fun-filled excursions.

That is, unless someone has an extra ticket lying around that they wouldn’t mind parting with. You’ll let me know, of course?

Back to the drawing board.