White Chocolate Coconut Blondie (via Crustabakes)

White Chocolate Coconut Blondie Pictures dont exactly do these blondies justice. With no frosting or any of the usual studded chocolate chips, or dried fruits, these blondies look plainer than Jane. But underneath that simple exterior, these blondies sure packed up a HUGE deal in the flavour department. There might not be any visible embellishment in these brownies, but take a bite into it and be prepared to be pleasantly greeted with a creamy and textured experience in the fo … Read More

via Crustabakes
This took a while coming. First reblog in a while!



How do I feast without you? I want to know. Just a few pix of recent meets and eats. Not sure if I’ll be going to the Caribbean this upcoming August now. My situation has changed and I’m eager to save some money before heading out on any fun-filled excursions.

That is, unless someone has an extra ticket lying around that they wouldn’t mind parting with. You’ll let me know, of course?

Back to the drawing board.