Food Photo of the Day: Strawberry Brownie Torte.

Strawberry Brownie Torte. Courtesy of Runs with Spatulas.


How to say “You are delicious” in different languages.

Goodies galore. Courtesy of Priscilla Anderson.

Arabic – كنت لذيذ

Bulgarian – ти са вкусни

Chinese – 你是好吃

Croatian – ti su ukusni

Czech – Jste chutné

Danish – du er lækker

Dutch – je bent lekker

Finnish – Olet herkullinen

French – vous sont délicieux

German – Sie sind köstlich

Greek – είστε νόστιμα

Hebrew – אתה טעים

Hindi – आप स्वादिष्ट होते हैं

Italian – vi sono deliziosi

Japanese –あなたが美味しいです

Korean – 당신은 맛있다

Norwegian – du er deilig

Polish – Ci są pyszne

Portuguese – você é deliciosa

Romanian – vă sunt delicioase

Russian – Вы вкусно

Spanish – que son deliciosas

Swedish – du är läcker

I thought my international readers would especially enjoy this.

Food Photo of the Day: Soupe au Pistou.

Soupe au Pistou: This seasonal vegetable soup could be Provence’s answer to minestrone. Photo: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times.

I’m beginning a new series titled “Food Photo of the Day.” I encourage you to submit your favorite food photos whether they are your own or public. If your food photo is chosen, each posted photo will be credited and blogged between 1pm-2pm PST each day. Thank you for your participation.

– Anthony


How do I feast without you? I want to know. Just a few pix of recent meets and eats. Not sure if I’ll be going to the Caribbean this upcoming August now. My situation has changed and I’m eager to save some money before heading out on any fun-filled excursions.

That is, unless someone has an extra ticket lying around that they wouldn’t mind parting with. You’ll let me know, of course?

Back to the drawing board.


Pecan Tarts and Coconut Macaroon Cupcakes…and Pizza.

Pile on the pecan tarts.

Pile on the pecan tarts.

Freaking delicious! Today, which was actually the 21st, Ate Jhoanape (Ate means “older sister” in Tagalog, the predominant dialect in the Philippines; it is usually said with respect to one’s age) concocted some scrumptious sweets: pecan tarts and coconut macaroon cupcakes.

Spent hours at the bakery switching from bread to cakes and eventually pizza! This explains my reason for posting so late.

I managed to pull together my own brand of pizza with sprinkles of 4 different cheeses, traditional tomato sauce, pepperoni, ham, bell pepper and chunks of young green habanero peppers.

Ate Jhoanape, of course, had her own version which wasn’t as spicy and a little bit more circular than mine.