C.K.’s lunch at El Gaucho.

Salmon fettuccine at El Gaucho. Courtesy of C.K.

There will be more pix coming up from C.K.’s lunch with family and friends at one of Seattle’s renown steakhouses: El Gaucho. He said this dish was truly divine. It totally looks delicious.


Macarooned on an Island (via The Patriotic Baker)

Case was just talking to me about Gilligan’s Island so this caught my eye. Island fever, indeed! This looks absolutely delicious so I’ll be saving it in my recipe list.

Macarooned on an Island Gilligan’s Island style (and yes, I know the actual word is ‘marooned’). Except I have running water, a grocery store and means of transportation off the island. Maybe it’s just some island fever. Living on a little island has taught me that I never want to be stuck on a little island. I go stir crazy. The furthest away I can drive is the other side of the island…and that isn’t that far away. It’s like…20 minutes away by car. There are pros a … Read More

via The Patriotic Baker

Happy Birthday, Casey.

Cake from C.K.'s parents. Delish!

Despite all the madness that’s happened this year, I truly wish you a wonderful and memorable birthday. Thank you for showing me a better appreciation for good food and a beautiful soul. And don’t forget to save me a piece! 😉

Love ya, mate.

– Anthony


My cousin is training to become a chef!

Gourmet sweets by Janice.

Just wanted to give a shout-out to my cousin, Ja (Janice Doncillo) for taking up pastry and baking college courses. I’m especially impressed with Ja since she already owns a 4-year registered nursing degree.

I commend you, Ja, on your ambitious endeavors. Now it’s most imperative, with your newly attained skills, to visit Seattle and deliver a feast for your cousin.

Or better yet, let’s open a shop here and I’ll run your online marketing campaign. 🙂

Keep checking back, everybody. I’ll post more pictures of Ja’s delectable sweet treats.

Also, if you’re in the Philippines and you want to contact Janice directly about her baked goods, send me an email to either of the two addresses:



And I’ll let her know. Cheers!