Breakfast with the Case.

Just another gallery of goodies:


Casey makes a Sunday Roast.

Casey: Chuck Roast or Sunday Roast.. using a dutch oven pan, put the meat in and smother it with garlic.  Add cut onions and baby carrots along with a couple of bay leaves on top.  Add water till it’s at the top of the roast then splash some worcestershire sauce on top.  Cover and bake at 350 for about 2 and a half hours..

Serve with mash potatoes and/or bread.

Anthony: I will post the final product after the roast is finished. 🙂


Mr. K. is cooking it up.

While I was busy gorging on a DQ bacon cheddar GrillBurger and a Cookie Fudge Blizzard, Casey fired off these pictures reminding me of how much I do enjoy home cooking much more than your general fast food fare.

Tonight he prepared rib-eye steak with genuine spinach salad topped with olives and feta cheese. (Sigh) Seriously, I melt at the sight of olives and kosher pickles.

According to Casey via his Android:

Heat the skillet… put butter and garlic in the pan.. pan-sear the steak slabs until brown on both sides.

And coming up: the bloody, down-right yummy mess.

Dip, dip: some mayo with ketchup, mixed… great for slipping up with your steak.

Anthony: And enjoy, he did.

Chocolate mousse quickie.

How to make muy delicioso Chocolate Mousse…add one cup milk to a package of mousse…whip it, whip it real good on high speed for 5 minutes.

Whip that Cream, not to be mistaken for Stewie’s infamous pronunciation of “cool wHip.” Pour heavy whipping cream into metal bowl. Having bowl pre-chilled aids in the quickness of cream becoming whipped. Add a lil vanilla and sugar to taste before mixing.  On HIGH SPEED whip for 5 minutes!

– Casey

Anthony: No way. That’s genius!

Fresh spinach salad and cream puffs!

Casey sent these perhaps to make me feel jealous. It worked. :/

New ideas for 2011…

A cinnamon roll.

Watching the daily news is almost a continuously depressing matter these days.

With the Democrats and Republicans bickering, multiple world conflicts, immigration, the NYSE, Obamacare, and this unruly winter weather ruling the headlines, it’s hard to focus on anything else.

So, for 2011, I’ve decided to set aside at least two days (Wednesdays and Fridays) away from technology to spend more time with family…

…and to hopefully improve my skills in the kitchen.

Reading at least two novels per month is another goal I’m striving for this year. So if you’re a member of GoodReads (my screen name is anthonyshelley2014, I believe) or you simply have some great literary suggestions, please feel free to forward your lists.


Happy Birthday, Casey.

Cake from C.K.'s parents. Delish!

Despite all the madness that’s happened this year, I truly wish you a wonderful and memorable birthday. Thank you for showing me a better appreciation for good food and a beautiful soul. And don’t forget to save me a piece! 😉

Love ya, mate.

– Anthony