Cassava cake on Thursday, I want to visit Tortola, and food art with “the f word.”

Cassava cake, a Filipino dessert.

Tomorrow, I’ll be spending quality time with my aunt and niece beginning at 8:30am sharp.

This means I’ll have plenty of time to convince my aunt to cook one of my favorite desserts, cassava cake, while I film, photograph, and document the entire process for your viewing pleasure and envy! 🙂

Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I’ve been receiving these e-letters from Jetsetter, an exclusive site that offers great deals to exotic locales and resorts for its private members. If only I had the ka-ching to visit one of these spots, especially Tortola! (See below)

Image courtesy of Jetsetter.

A Three-Bedroom Villa in the BVI

Frenchmans Paradise – Tortola

[from Jetsetter:

Lounging at the infinity pool of Frenchmans Paradise, a hillside aerie in Tortola, you’d swear you can see all of the Virgin Islands, tossed like dice into the sparkling waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Indeed, this three-bedroom villa was designed to maximize Caribbean views (even from the master bathroom’s sensuous indoor-outdoor shower). There literally isn’t a bad seat in the house, especially when the setting sun triggers a laser show across the calm, lapping water.]

If you’re already a member of Jetsetter’s online community, don’t forget to bag one of these trips beginning Monday, 1/17, at 3pm Eastern Time. Tortola is located in the British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean. For that reason, I’m going to be partial to this island of luxury.


A piece from Angela Marklew’s “the f word” collection.

Angela Marklew is a wondrously skilled photographer…need I say more?


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