Kuya Soto’s Filipino Cuisine.

Chocolate and Pumpkin

Chocolate and pumpkin.

Before I forget, I should mention this. On my last day in St. Vincent, the relatives and I swung by Kuya Soto’s restaurant on the boardwalk. Kuya Soto is  a good family friend, one of the first individuals to greet Ate Jhoanape on this island when she first arrived nearly 10 years ago.

Kuya Soto’s Oriental Cuisine, the official name of his restaurant, caters to all, but I’m assuming the bulk of his customers come from the cruise ships that anchor in the bay and the residents of Kingstown.

Kuya Soto’s restaurant offers more than just Filipino cuisine. He provides a mixture of Vincentian and Filipino dishes that most patrons mix and combine when ordering.

The gallery below is a selection of pancit, fried fish, bbq pork and beef, and fried rice. Of course, I had to add some dessert.


2 thoughts on “Kuya Soto’s Filipino Cuisine.

  1. hi!! im a filipina-american living in st. vincent for the time being. stumbled across your site….where is this restaurant kuya soto’s that you speak of?? i tried googling it but no such luck. if you could tell me where it is, i would be so grateful!

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