Julia & Julia and Cinnacake.


Tomato, cilantro, cucumbers, peppers.

I’m back! In the United States, of course. Present location: Elk Grove, California. I’m currently watching my Aunt Eppie chop up a nice bowl of salsa and cooking a pot of steamy chicken adobo.

Today, I’ll be relaying email messages to my cousin back in St. Vincent to retrieve her recipes and hopefully media (pictures and videos) of future culinary creations.

To add to that, I’ve been surfing the net for recipes of Caribbean eats that I hope to put together myself in the near future and perhaps write about. My inspiration?

Call me a sap, but on the flight from Chicago to Sacramento, I happened to watch the fantastic film Julia & Julia, a movie about food. Nora Ephron directed this movie about two true stories, two women: Julia Child and Julie Powell who find happiness, heartache, and love through cooking. And although these two ladies are focused on French cuisine, I couldn’t help but relate to their admirable affection for making marvelous masterpieces in the kitchen. Well, relate to the eating part.

If you haven’t seen Julia & Julia yet, it’s worth a peek. If not, Powell’s blog about Child is a fun and hugely entertaining read. Who knows, maybe my endless display of food photographs may land me a book deal like she did with her authentic grasp of the cooking experience and her enthralling life through masterful prose.

By the way, here’s the gift Ate Jhoanape left us before we set off for St. Lucia – Puerto Rico – Chicago – Sacramento. Heavenly? You bet. 🙂


Cinnacake = heaven.


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